Welcome to the gastronomic capital.

Thanks for taking a look at our blog.

The gastronomic capital is run by both Moe and Yu.

They are also colleagues in their business, but also a guru blogger.

The two who love gourmet and travel are inaudible to have lunch at a cute shop, enjoy a little pampering dinner at a nice shop, or go on a gourmet trip.

I will introduce what kind of information can be obtained in the Gourmet City blog, what kind of medium to begin with, and what kind of people are running.

The Gourmet City blog is ~ Real-looking gourmets blog Media

About the Gourmet City blog.

"Gourmet City Blog" is a blog media to update about a few times every month and travel to the main domestic and foreign food and mind in Tokyo.

In the blog of the personal operation, the content of the article, site design, advertising, maintenance is done by sharing two people, we will create articles and sites that feel the atmosphere and cuisine of the restaurant to be in the very place.

I would like to express what we saw and eat and feel, and sympathize with it even a little, and hope to see it.

We believe that cooking is not only a taste, but also an atmosphere, a service, and all the delicacies.I think that it is the charm of the gastronomic to enjoy it with five senses.The Gourmet City Blog introduces a lot of such attractive shops.Cherish the real perspective that is not felt in the major review sites.

We are going to introduce only the shops that we really want to recommend to all of you, but please forgive me that there may be a vacant update interval.I introduce the recommended spot and the souvenir in the travel destination to breather.


Who is "moe" and "Yu"?

Management person "Moe"

The management person "Moe" is a 30-generation company employee who can rely on blog management at work.

Because I grew up surrounded by boys since I was little, my tone is strong, but I have a very delicate and tender heart.

I love sweets so much that I go anywhere for the sweets.By the way, Montblanc is my favorite cake.

In the "City of Gastronomy", he was mainly responsible for writing articles.It is a specialty field of "Moe" which always puts on the gastronomic antenna to find the shop in the gastronomic tour.I used to work at the Auberge, and I have confidence in the sense to find a nice shop (laughs) and enjoy the gourmet tour every time.

Management person "Yu"

The management person "Yu" is a company worker who is busy every day to play at work.He is a free man, but he is eager to devote himself to what he is interested in.

He grew up in a family with a strict diet manners and ate good food (no awareness).I am completely addicted to the depth of gastronomy by having met "Moe" which I love gourmet.Since then, I decided to start a gourmet tour with the lightness of footwork.

The "Gourmet Capital" blog is mainly responsible for site design, advertising and maintenance.I have no knowledge of it, but I'm struggling with my MacBook one day.



* Other than this blog, I am a social person in a different business

This blog is completely based on the subjective personal report.

The taste and deliciousness of each person is important to convey the charm of the shop.

We pay close attention to the contents of the publication, but if there is any flaw, please contact this blog manager.

Unauthorized reproduction or unauthorized use of the contents, text, images, etc. of this site is strictly forbidden.
In addition, we will strictly prohibit the quotation to the summary site such as Naver summary.

If you find out about the misuse of the image or the quotation, we will respond to your request, such as cost.

Unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of this site, text and images are strictly prohibited.

Contact: bishoku_tokyo_jp@yahoo.co.jp (Yu)