Chocolatier palet-dor launches a limited package of popular chocolates

“Chocolatier palet-dor” was released on January 18, 2019, “Chocolate with tasty and good for body 2019”.

This is a limited-time package that adds a limited berry flavor to the popular Chocolat blended with coenzyme and lactic acid bacteria that are attracting attention as beauty ingredients.

Contains 100 billion pieces of lactic acid bacteria in a single chocolat.It is said that there are about one billion lactic acid bacteria per cup (100ml) of yogurt, it corresponds to 100 cups of yogurt in a single grain.

In addition, we use soy milk instead of whipped cream, sesame oil instead of butter, and also blending the nest ingredients of good health and beauty, and all the ingredients are good chocolate using the best quality.

The taste is limited to four types of chocolates (usually three types).

  • Cocoa Peru of gentle taste
  • Madagascar cacao with a sharp acidity
  • Slightly bitter Venezuela cocoa
  • “Limited chocolat” Ecuador and Berry plus Peru cocoa

The pink circle case is cute 12 pieces of chocolate, because it is a limited package that plus the berry taste chocolate of the heart pattern, if you want early.

You can also purchase from the online store.

  • Capacity: 12 pcs
  • Price: ¥2,430 (tax included)
Chocolatier palet-dor Tokyo
store Image:

“Chocolatier palet-dor” is a real chocolate specialty store that Mr. Shunsuke Saegusa opened in 2004.After working for the pastry chef “Yasui Toshikazu”, who is said to have spread the cheesecake Japan, over the France that is the home of the chocolate, he studied chocolate making for many years at the name of the shop “Belle Nation” in Lyon.

“Chocolatier palet-dor” has three stores in Marunouchi, Ginza and Osaka.Since 2014, the Worthy Palais d’or (Yamanashi Aoyama, and Osaka) is poised to sell “Bean to Bar”, a rare in the world, which handles all the chocolate processes from roasting to molding.